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CBD Oil Benefits: Is CBD the Medical Mastermind Behind Cannabis

Posted on October 05 2020

CBD Oil Benefits: Is CBD the Medical Mastermind Behind Cannabis

Medicinal cannabis use is seemingly spreading like wildfire across the United States and the rest of the world. However, cannabis use is nothing new, and there’s evidence that multiple societies utilized the medicine in ancient times. Cannabis use was documented as early as 2700 B.C. as a medicinal herb by a Chinese Emperor. It wasn’t until the mid-1900’s, though, that we began identifying the why and the how behind medicinal cannabis. Now, research regarding CBD oil benefits is rapidly expanding, as well as the number of identified cannabinoids (other than THC). A lot of spotlight is being put on one cannabinoid in particular: cannabidiol, or CBD for short.

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THC definitely has its place in the medicinal world and appeals to recreational users as a way to unwind and de-stress. Researchers are pointing at CBD for a range of medicinal effects, though, and say that it may be the primary cause for many of the effects that were previously attributed to marijuana as a whole. This has urged many patients who are regular cannabis users to go out and buy CBD oil to incorporate it into their regular routine.

THC vs CBD: Comparing the Medicinal Benefits


The first primary difference between the two cannabinoids, THC and CBD, is cannabidiol’s lack of psychoactive property. THC is the cannabinoid that is responsible for the “high” effects after consuming marijuana, but CBD lacks these effects altogether. For some people, this is an amazing benefit because it allows them to experience many health benefits of marijuana without the adverse reactions of being high. For people who want to benefit from cannabis, but need to maintain a clear state of mind for working, driving, operating machinery, or carrying out other daily activities, CBD may be an optimal option.

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However, the two cannabinoids have different medicinal profiles as well. Some studies show that THC may be useful in the treatment of several conditions. Glaucoma seems to respond generally well to THC because it helps lower eye pressure, something CBD has not necessarily been noted for. THC may also help stimulate appetite and reduce nausea, making it potentially useful for treating eating disorders and managing the side effects of some conditions and treatments, like cancer and cancer-related therapies.

CBD has a range of benefits all its own. Some studies show cannabidiols potential for treating chronic pain and inflammation, which may be useful for patients with arthritis or other inflammatory conditions. Many other studies look at CBD as a potential neuroprotective agent, which may make it useful for treating neurological disorders, Parkinson’s, dementia.

Cannabidiol may also be useful in managing anxiety and depression because it shows an ability to interact with communication in the brain. Many people buy CBD oil for help managing insomnia, too.


CBD Smoking, Ingestion, and Other Consumption Methods

If smoking marijuana is your preferred consumption method, choosing a high CBD marijuana strain may help you deliver to benefits of CBD to your body. However, many patients find that it is beneficial to identify the particular dose needed to treat their conditions. There are CBD products available that may make it easier to get a more specific dose of cannabidiol.

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This is good news for medicinal cannabis users who already have a preferred strain (that may not have a lot of CBD) because it allows them to easily add CBD to their routine. When you are looking to buy CBD oil, you’ll likely see these popular products:

  • CBD Tinctures: Cannabidiol tinctures are highly potent extracts that are taken sublingually, or dropped under the tongue. Tinctures are a convenient method for many CBD users because they take effect quickly and make it easy to measure a specific dose. Some tinctures are flavored, but many people don’t mind the “hempy” flavor, which is similar to nuts.

  • CBD Topicals: Topicals offer a skin care solution to people who suffer from a range of skin conditions, especially those causing inflammation. However, hemp topicals also contain many healthy lipids that work to moisturize the skin. Other terpenes from the cannabis plant are sometimes added, both for their delightful scent and their added potential benefits. CBD topicals can include salves, lotions, creams, oils, and a multitude of cosmetic products. 

  • CBD Edibles: Edibles are useful for pre-measured doses or for people who don’t find tinctures very tolerable. They come in different potencies and endless styles, from desserts and gummies to mac and cheese. You can also find “ingredients” infused with CBD, like butter or honey, so that you can make your own CBD edibles. Edibles do take longer to take effect than tinctures because they must be metabolized by the digestive process. However, the CBD oil benefits are similar, if not the same. 

  • CBD Vapes: CBD vapes are a popular option, especially among people who prefer inhaling their cannabis. Vapes are particular trendy among younger generations, but they also appeal to anyone who needs a quick, effective method for delivering the CBD oil benefits to the body/ Vapes are discreet and often produce almost no “weed scent.” They come in different strengths, flavors, and styles. People who vape frequently often prefer the CBD vape cartridges that fit their own pen, but other simple vaporizers are made for one-time use. These CBD vapes often come in different flavors, as well as are combined with different terpenes to create different bodily effects and potential benefits. 

  • CBD Concentrates: Concentrates come in many forms, but most often are found in a “wax” form. This waxy product is a thick oil, usually sold in a syringe, that can be precisely measured for every dose. Very small amounts of concentrates offer high potencies of cannabidiol, so they are perfect for many patients whose health conditions require a large dose.


Should I Buy CBD Oil

If you think CBD oil may be right for you there are many ways to incorporate cannabidiol into your regular routine. Talk to your doctor when making the decision to buy CBD oil. You will be faced with many options when you buy CBD products, and your doctor will be able to look at your individual medical history to help you decide which product is right for you.