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Delta 8 THC 50mg Candies 5pack, Candy Apple

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Delta 8 THC Candy Apple (50mg strength)

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For those seasoned adventurers seeking the full effect of our Delta 8 collection, say hello to our highest strength 50mg apple candies.  Flavor bursting, delicious, and a great way to consume your medication at measured doses.  Each pack comes with 5 high dose candies totaling 250mg of high grade hemp derived Delta 8 THC extract. If you are new to cannabis, we suggest starting at a lower doses, our 10mg gummies and candies are a great entry point.

  • Sugar Free
  • 50mg per serving
  • 250mg total

*Important note: Please be mindful of your local weather in your area.  Our candies are stored in freezers and frozen when sent out, but have a chance of melting during hot climates of 85+ degrees F.  Although this does not affect their actual quality and mostly their shape, we are not responsible for replacing melted candies. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Good products

They have awesome products and fast shipping!!


Very good going to order again


Works well, but did give me a bad panic attack. Mayhave took a little too much. The first time it didn't words as should.

Tasty apple

Very good apple taste. Felt relaxed afterwards, I'd say a good product for sure. For anyone who hasnt tried them yet, these are hard candies, not gummies.


Definitely works, but be careful before eating 1 whole pc of candy. I did half at 1st and felt fine then I did the other half too soon and I was extremely high LOL but it was okay I just relaxed, drank some water and then it was normal and it was a really nice and re!axing buzz And I slept like a champ. Mind you I haven't had any type of product like this or any THC in over 20 years so my system was squeaky clean so be careful before eating a whole pc.